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Kontur-Profi Mobil 800 S

KPM-800 S

  • Infinitely variable speed from 10000 r/min to 29000 r/min for various materials
  • Light and mobile
  • Fast and easy milling cutter switch
  • Transportable - so usable everywhere
  • Stepless movable chamfer width

The KPM-800 S will surprise you in its flexibility and multi-use variability. Vice-clamp for a work-piece guided machine or as a mobile machine on big, heavy or cumbersome work pieces. With the help of a small attachment – fixed only with two knurled screws -  straight chamfers are easy work.


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  KPM-800 S
Engine power 800 W
Electrical connection 230 V
Infinitely variable rotation speed 10 000 - 29 000 U/min
Chamfer height 0,1 - 4,0 mm
Machine measures (L/B/H) 270 x 100 x 100 mm
Weight 2,97 kg
Kontur-Profi Mobil 800 S

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Product overview

Hand guided edge milling for contours and straight edges