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Carbide indexable inserts for aluminium

Carbide indexable inserts for the milling with aluminum, mild cutting (10 pieces)

Carbide indexable inserts for steel and stainless steel

Carbide indexable inserts, for steel and stainless steel, mild cutting, low burr (10 pieces)

Torx screwdriver TX 15

Torx screwdriver TX15 suitable for Carbide indexable inserts and the face milling cutter

Replacement screw for Carbide indexable inserts

Replacement screw TX 15 for tightening the carbide indexable inserts on the face milling head

Rolling table suitable for Kontur-profi 1500 DS

The rolling table is suitable for the edge-milling machine KP 1500 DS .Version includes two fixed hook blocks and two guide pulleys. Table top made from beech

Chip vacuum cleaner

Powerful chip vacuum cleaner (1200W) with 20 L volume


Abstechbutzenentferner zum Entfernen des Drehrestes

Vacuum nozzle

Vacuum nozzle for use with the prism attachment